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The statistics is mostly for monitoring the activity in the building, or parts of the building. There are statistics both of user's activity and used disc space. Next to the links, are little pad locks. Clicking the pad locks will make the links unavailable down the structure, which may not be desired.

In addition to Statistics of disk space usage and Login statistics there are some statistics available For top administrators only.

Hint: The more detailed you want the information, the lower down the structure you highlight.

Statistics of disk space usage

Room Tab: You will find an overview of storage used in each room (active, archived and closed).

Personal Tab: Storage allocated to users within personal rooms (personal storage within My Documents).

Webfronter Tab: If Webfronter is licensed, it will also display a list of Webfronter sites and storage use for each site.

Total Tab: The overview of installation / selected org.unit usage is shown.

Administrators can force the emptying of recycle bins within the Room and Personal Tabs. It is also possible to re-order the lists by clicking on the column headers. For example, in the Room Tab, if I click on the header Used Space the listing will show rooms ordered according to space used from the highest to lowest. Administrators can enter any room listed by clicking on it's name. It is not possible within the Personal Tab to enter personal disk space as this is secured for the individual user.

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Login statistics

From the statistics tab within the administration module, administrators can view login statistics for their installation. It is possible here to filter the statistics by date range and also group the output by week, month or year. The module can display: Total Logins, Unique logins and Room visits.

This data is not designed to produce detailed records, but rather a trend line to indicate usage and growth of usage within the installation.

Be aware that the data is updated every 24 hours (typically at night time) so the most recent data for today will not be displayed.

The statistics are exportable to a CSV file for further analysis if necessary.

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