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The "Merge tool" is a tool made to merge two users. This can for instance be needed if a user had a temporary user while waiting for a permanent social security number.
The "Merge tool" is only available for top administrators in a building.

1. Search for first user (Search for surname, not username)
2. Click "select next".
3. Search for next user, click "Merge users".
4. You can also select both users if both show up in the same search.
5. Select the "Main user". This users content will be kept, all memberships will be transferred to this user.
6. Select the "Name", "Username/Password" for the "Main User".
Old user will keep the same name, and "_merged" will be added to old username.
7. Select what will happen with old user

  - Move to trash can. (No login allowed, but can be restored)
- Keep as manual user (Memberships removed, will not be updated by import, allow login and content will be available)

Note: Conflict (suspected match) users can not be merged.

  - Users with NEW option can be created and afterwards merged with the correct user. 
There is no "Merge" option, because the system is not sure who is the conflict user.
- Users with merge option should be merged and not anything more. Should be updated after next import.