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These are shorter descriptions of settings available only to top administrators under the Settings tab, so we've collected them all in one article: There is a separate article concerning Settings regarding the whole building



This will display information on: the maximum licenses available, currently used / active licenses, the expiry date and information on how to feed back comments to Fronter.

FronterBridge administration

FronterBridge is a tool to connect different Fronter buildings (installations) together. It allows users at a school or institution access to rooms in another building, without the need to create new users. FronterBridge is used to connect to the installation, which means that rooms shared via FronterBridge will appear within the local room selector, even though the room itself is located in a remote building.

FronterBridge gives access to rooms in a remote building;, it is not used for sharing within the same building.

Procedure for the administrator

The Top Administrator will have access to the FronterBridge administration option under Settings:

  • Select the tab Trusted buildings.
  • Specify the URL of the other installation which is going to have access to rooms in a different building.
  • If you select Request trust a request is sent to the other building and you will receive an acknowledgement.
  • The External Shared Rooms tab will provide a list of the rooms made accessible via FronterBridge.
  • The installation which is receiving these invitations will appear under the Received trusts tab.
  • By accepting the invitation, the rooms which have been made available for this type of access will now be available.
  • Both installations will have a list of the active connections displayed under the Trusted buildings tab. Connections can also be deleted from here.

Once a connection has been established and activated (granted), two new tabs will be added to the guest building’s room selector: External rooms and External room invite.

Settings for the room

Every room which can be used via FronterBridge must have this indicated in the room’s Properties:

  • From the Room tool select Edit properties.
  • At the very bottom of the screen you will find these options:
    • Enable FronterBridge. This option is mandatory if you want to enable this room as an external room. Here you can invite single users or groups.
    • Allow FronterBridge users to remotely access files. This option makes it possible for external users who are invited as members also can search for content in the room from their own building.
    • Enable individual application for membership. This option gives any user in the guest building the opportunity to ask for room access. This request can be granted or rejected.


As mentioned previously the option Enable FronterBridge is mandatory if the room is going to be accessed from another building. The room owner or the administrator must invite the members (single users or groups):

  • First click Members and then Edit.
  • Select correct installation.
  • Select correct access right in the room.
  • Enroll single users or groups.

You must have the ID-s for single users and groups to be enrolled. This information must come from the guest installation, normally from the administrator:

  • Single users: Search for the user in Contacts.
  • Group: Find the group in the admin module.
  • Point at the user or the group with the cursor: A number is displayed at the bottom of the page. For groups the number follows treeid= and for single users it follows edit=.

Instead of taking note of this number you can right click and then select Properties. Select the number (double click) and copy and paste it.

Hint: For single users you can also select the username instead of the number.

Enable individual application for membership

If this option is selected the room will show up in the tab External room invite in the room selector:

  • Click the tab External room invite.
  • By selecting Request invite a small dialogue box appears for you to send your request.
  • In the room made available for external access, these requests are displayed as a separate tab under the Members (Students) tool.
  • At this point you can agree to grant access (by assigning the relevant rights in the room) or refuse the request.

Rooms which a user has been given access to, will now be displayed under a separate tab in the room selector: External rooms. You can also make these rooms your favourite rooms, which means that they will be gathered under a single option in the room selector. When you then select an external room, it will be displayed with additional information in the same way as when you select Activate student view.

Remote users are displayed in the members list in grey. This means that they cannot actually log in to this building, but only have access to selected rooms:

Note: The external users will only show up in the members list when they have accessed the room for the first time. The names will show up in grey. Currently there is a maximum number of users who can enter a room via FronterBridge. The current limit is 1000.

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