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This is available for administrators at any level of the structure and is located within the Tools Tab in the Administration module.

This is linked to a room tool called External Search. When this tool is added to a room, it enables a search within content repositories on the Internet.

The Learning Resource Exchange Sources within admin is the tool used to define the content repositories that will be available for users within the installation when they use the 'External Search'.

For local administrators, it is most likely that selection and activation of available content repositories is set at the top node (the one with the institution name) in the Admin tree structure so that the choices then cascade down throughout the installation. It is possible however to setup the parameters at any point in the tree structure.


  • Select the application point in the admin tree structure.

Switch to the Tools tab and select Learning Resource Exchange Sources. From the listing of available repositories (from time to time we make additions to this list) you can select the repositories to activate. The Selected column allows you to define the default active selections when conducting a search. The user can change the repositories to search by themselves when conducting a search as long as the repository is activated.

  • The Locked column allows you to lock activation or selected choices further down the tree structure. This may apply if for example a Top Administrator deselected a repository and locked this choice. Administrators further down the structure would then be unable to activate these repository.

Note: Some repositories, e.g. the Britannica Online Repository is available for selection but unlike most other repositories is not free. Administrators will notice that within the tool Learning Resource Exchange Sources there is also an edit column. On the edit link for Britannica Online you can enter authentication details to enable the content search for the school/institution.

Contact your Fronter/Pearson sales representative for details on how to obtain a license.